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An organization, collaborated with PSR Wisconsin, providing nutritious meals

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An organization, collaborated with PSR Wisconsin, providing nutritious meals

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An organization, collaborated with PSR Wisconsin, providing nutritious meals


Welcome to the official Assist Bhopal website! On behalf of the Assist Bhopal team, we would like to thank you for showing interest in this non profit organization collaborated with Physicians for Social Responsibility Wisconsin (PSR WI). Your donations will provide free nutritious lunchtime meals to the Chingari Trust children with special needs whose grandparents were victims of the Union Carbide (India Limited or UCIL) gas disaster in Bhopal in 1984 or whose families live in communities whose water and soils were contaminated with pesticide residues from the UCIL plant. With your support the students receiving therapy and special education at Chingari will receive the nutritional support they need to grow and thrive.

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Assist Bhopal wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for two survivors of the gas disaster. Ms. Rashida Bee and Ms. Champadevi Shukla have poured an immense amount of time and effort in creating the Chingari Rehabilitation Center and program. They received The Goldman Environmental Prize in 2004 and generously used their award money to create something inspiringly selfless. Chingari Trust is a rehabilitation center that provides transportation, therapy (PT, OT, speech) and special education completely free to children and young adults in which the psychological and physical wellbeing of the second-hand gas victims is priority. All the donations will be going to Chingari Trust’s nutrition program.


Good nutrition is a crucial piece of support that allows all Chingari Trust children to gain the best advantage from their rehabilitation therapies and to succeed academically. The Chingari Trust Nutrition Program, a collaboration between PSR Wisconsin and Assist Bhopal funds a healthy school lunch for 200 (and soon to be 300 with Chingari expansion) kids attending therapy and special education. For less than $40 per child/year or about $12,000 annually, this nutrition program facilitates Chingari staff to prepare a home cooked vegetarian meal from fresh ingredients onsite every school day. Assist Bhopal raises the money and PSR Wisconsin takes action with it, both with gratis pediatric and nutrition consultation and fiscal responsibility to continue this program begun in 2012 to grow and expand in the future.


Current President: Neil Dogra, University School of Milwaukee

Former President : Saloni Gupte, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Founder, Assist Bhopal: Megan Dogra, UW–River Falls

Director of Global Studies, University School of Milwaukee: Henry Wend, PhD, University School of Milwaukee

Pediatrician and PSR Wisconsin Treasurer: Ann Behrmann, MD, Madison, WI

Associate Director, U WI Center for South Asia, Assist Bhopal Advisor: Lalita Du Perron, PhD,Madison, WI

Administrative Coordinator, PSR Wisconsin: Hannah Fisher; Madison, WI

Web Designer: Mohanish Gupte; Mumbai, India

Photo Credits: Lewis Koch, Madison, WI

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The pesticide plant in Bhopal, now owned by Dow Chemical, was built by Union Carbide India, Ltd., in 1969. By the early 1980’s the plant had ceased production, but large quantities of dangerous chemicals remained on site. On the night of December 2nd, 1984, a chemical tank exploded, spewing a deadly, ground-hugging cloud of toxic chemicals over much of Bhopal. An estimated 8,000 people died that night—no one will ever know exactly how many. Half a million people were exposed to the gas and 25,000 have died to date as a result of their exposure.

Today, the Bhopal community continues to suffer health impacts from the contaminated factory site. Monsoon rains wash the toxic chemicals from the abandoned plant deep into the groundwater serving the surrounding community. The affected people of Bhopal are forced to wash, bathe, and drink this toxic water. As a result, the community experiences high rates of cancer and birth defects, and patients are plagued by ailments including blindness, fevers, skin diseases, extreme difficulty in breathing, and gynecological disorders. Dow Chemical Company has repeatedly stated publicly that it bears no responsibility for the clean-up of the site or the health impacts on the surrounding community.

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Please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email with any questions and/or concerns.

For Fiscal inquiries please email :

To send a donation by check, please make the check out to PSR Wisconsin with “Chingari Trust” in the memo line and mail to address listed below.

  • PSR Wisconsin
  •       Street #4513 Vernon Blvd., Suite 106
  •       Madison, WI 53705
  • (414) 614-8165